About Us

Amber Babe NZ started out as a popular seller of Baltic Amber jewellery for babies/young children and adults and is now growing into a children’s store! 
Supplying parents with everything they may need during the younger years. 

All of our Amber Babe baby and adult necklaces, bracelets and anklet jewellery pieces are lovingly made with 100% Certified Baltic Amber, said to have the highest level of Succinic acid which may help improve the well-being and health of individuals.


"As every piece of amber in our jewellery range is in its natural state after polishing and finishing, all our jewellery pieces are unique in size and colour."

Traditionally used in European countries for centuries for teething babies


Types of Amber

Amber is found in a range of colours and shades; from the usual yellow-brown-orange often associated with the word amber, all the way to black, brown, pale lemon and a butter shade. Transparent amber is the most prized kind, with the common cloudy and opaque amber being less so. 


How Baltic Amber Works

Baltic Amber is believed to have natural healing properties. It has been used by people throughout Europe for centuries and offers wearers a completely natural teething remedy. It is said to release oils when worn next to the skin, which can help soothe aches and pains babies have when teething. Succinic acid occurs naturally in the human body and assists with moving oxygen between cells. Baltic Amber naturally contains Succinic acid, which is a known analgesic said to help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. 

Wearing Baltic Amber jewellery is believed to improve conditions such as teething discomfort and arthritic and carpal tunnel pain. Children prone to eczema may also benefit from wearing amber jewellery. When worn regularly, it has been claimed that eczema symptoms such as rashes may be reduced, particularly those caused by little dribblers.


How to find out if Your Amber Jewellery is Authentic

To find out if your other pieces of jewellery are made from authentic amber, here are a few simple tests you can conduct at home.


Float Test

Genuine amber is light and will float in salty water as it is a resin, no a gemstone. Make a salty mixture by dissolving 7 TBSP of salt in 250mls of water in a container and place your amber in the solution. If it is amber, it will float. If the clasp if acrylic you will need to sit it over the edge of the container as it will weigh the amber down.


Static Test

Charge your piece of jewellery with static electricity by vigorously rubbing it against a piece of silk or wool. Once it is statically charged, genuine amber will be able to attract small items such as a piece of hair or thread. 


Acetone Test

Fake plastic amber and copal (immature resin) do not hold up to solvents. Place a few drops of acetone or nail polish remover on your jewellery. If it is real amber, it will not dissolve. Fake amber will become tacky or the fluid will become the colour of the substance the fake amber is made from. 


Amber Babe Take Safety Seriously

  • Please follow our safety instructions when you or your child wear our jewellery.
  • Your child's safety is very important to us. Please follow our safety instructions at all times.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times when jewellery is worn.
  • Jewellery must not be worn when your child is sleeping or unattended.
  • Amber jewellery is designed for wearing not chewing or sucking. Please keep tucked under your child's clothing.
  • Please remove jewellery before bathing or swimming, as prolonged exposure to water may weaken the thread.
  • Amber Babe requires our products are used only under direct adult supervision. 
  • Amber Babe assumes no responsibility should any harm come to a child or adult due to our safety warnings not being adhered to, or other misuse of the products.